Thursday, September 20, 2007

That Other Hunter

I've always known that i wasn't going to be the first to make a serious Melee Hunter, and hopefully I won't be the last either.

I started Kakita sometime after mid August. Not too long after the roll over into September I ran across A post about Gweryc, another Melee Hunter on my server. Go Steamwheedle! In his reply to the post I found a link to ... well, here. But his blog, ya see.
Check it out.

Actually it was his space that gave me the itch to tell y'all how my Hunter is coming along. Hopefully it's not too similiar, but as we're going different routes, there should be enough differences to make it interesting.
Besides, he has all the cool numbers and stuff :)

Anywhoo, I think I have one more post after this then I'll be brought back up to speed. I shoulda started this blog back when I started the character, but nothing to do but play catch up. ... Actually make that two more posts, One to say what's happened in my first 60 levels and one for Kakita's RP background.

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